See the bigger picture...


We have chosen to partner with Voyant, a powerful lifetime 'cashflow modelling' tool for creating, managing and protecting wealth.

Using Voyant we can create your initial plan and, at subsequent reviews, track progress against your individual goals.


Good financial forecasting helps to answer the 3 big questions...

Voyant 3 key questions What, Can, Will


What's your 'MasterPlan'? 

We first create your individual MasterPlan, which provides a snapshot of current financial arrangements and expenditure. Using Voyant we fast forward to see what the likely results are in the future, quickly identifying potential issues.

We can then work together to identify your individual goals and lifetime cashflow needs. 

Once the MasterPlan has been created, we apply our knowledge and skills looking for potential opportunities and risks.

For example, UK tax tables and legislation are an integral part of Voyant making it easy model different ways to become more tax efficient. This is particularly useful for Inheritance Tax planning and modelling flexible income drawdown in retirement.


"Voyant has transformed the way we work with our clients and the way they think about their future. It's no longer simply about discussing attitudes toward risk and potential rates of returns in isolation. Now our clients are changing they way they make decisions. Using Voyant to model the different scenarios, they have deeper insights into both their financial well-being, as well as the value of the service that we can provide"

Voyant - your financial plan


What happens if... 

The powerful and flexible 'What-If' features in Voyant allow us to test recommendations. We can model almost any scenario and plan accordingly based on probability, relative risk and your goals.

The ultimate aim of Voyant is to ensure we can answer the big questions you may have, "What happens if?", "Will we be alright?" and "Can we afford to?" 




We can model the implications of premature death or disability and calculate any life insurance shortfalls. Any potential shortfall in savings can also be identified, which can be very helpful for retirement planning.

Once your MasterPlan has been optimised, it can be put into force and reviewed on a regular basis with our optional Wealth Management Service

"Speak to Richard or James to find out more about what Voyant can do for you"

This document helps us to collect financial and other information in order to start building your financial plan
This document helps us to collect information about your expenses in order to refine your financial plan

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Cash flow overview

Voyant - your financial plan

Assets by tax type summary

Voyant assets and liabilities


Voyant taxes

Plan overview

Voyant overview

Asset allocation

Voyant Asset allocation

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